John Owen the Baptist?

There are many reasons to like John Owen. The English Puritan minister’s written works fill my bookshelves and have been an encouragement to myself and many others throughout history. John Owen played a major role in at least two historic confessions of faith (Savoy Declaration & The Second London), participating directly with the former, and indirectly with the latter. Confessional Baptists today, as well as the ones of old, have referenced John Owen for several reasons. Whether it is his Congregationalism, his Hebrew’s commentary, or his departure from Westminster Covenant Theology, confessional Baptists have almost claimed Dr. Owen as one of their own, even though he was a paedobaptist.

My friend, Brandon Adams, has written an article concerning the reasons why Confessional Baptists appeal to John Owen. If interested, please check out this fantastic resource. You can find it here…


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