You’re Not Abraham!

My journey to the Reformed tradition has been a roller coaster at times. I remember a time that by the grace of God I came to understand the truths contained in the Scriptures known as the doctrines of grace. These truths were not something that I learned and then brought back into the text as some would claim, rather, they were there all along but I was simply blinded by the tradition I had been a part of for much of my life. The truths of the sovereignty of God, even over salvation itself, was such a transformation for me. In fact, many believers today feel like when they saw these truths in the text for the first time it *felt like a second conversion of sorts. There was also a time when I got on Reformed Twitter thinking that I was part of the club, only to be told by a popular church history professor in a Southern California seminary that “You’re not Reformed!”

I enjoy writing and have decided to begin a series discussing my journey to the Reformed tradition. While my journey has produced many highs, it has definitely had its share of lows. I titled this series “You’re Not Abraham” not only because it describes where I was before my journey begin, but it also describes where I’m currently at in my journey and where I see myself in this rich tradition.

But I’ll save that part for the end… 😉


Published by rruiz1689

Christian, Husband, father, veteran, Confessionally Reformed Christian (1689 LBCF), student.

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