The Ministry of the Word

The following article was first written by myself in 2020 for and can be found here… There are many things I have grown to appreciate concerning the Reformed tradition. It is a tradition that contains unity, much diversity, and a wonderful heritage that has been left to the Christian of today contained in theContinue reading “The Ministry of the Word”

What’s the Big Deal About Theonomy?

If I had dollar for every time a young man asked me about the tradition known as theonomy, or general equity theonomy, I think I could be living on a beach in Hawaii by now. 😉 By the grace of God, several years ago men spoke truth in my life via social media and challengedContinue reading “What’s the Big Deal About Theonomy?”

John Owen the Baptist?

There are many reasons to like John Owen. The English Puritan minister’s written works fill my bookshelves and have been an encouragement to myself and many others throughout history. John Owen played a major role in at least two historic confessions of faith (Savoy Declaration & The Second London), participating directly with the former, andContinue reading “John Owen the Baptist?”

Only the New Covenant is the Covenant of Grace…

The following article was first written by myself in 2021 for and can be found here… “What is the difference between paedobaptist and baptist covenant theology?” I get this question more often than any other. Whether it’s during a conversation in the courtyard at church or via a direct message on social media, manyContinue reading “Only the New Covenant is the Covenant of Grace…”

Andrew Ritor on the Promises Made to Abraham…

“And therefore although the Covenant and Promises were made to Abraham, and his seed, yet the consequences will not follow, that the Covenant is likewise made with all believers and their seed, for believers only are the seed, and the seed only, and none of them the father in the Gospel sense, nor any other,Continue reading “Andrew Ritor on the Promises Made to Abraham…”

Concerning the Incomprehensibility of God…

“Concerning God, and those that are of him, and in him, neither is the mind of man able to conceive what they be, how great they be, and of what fashion they be: neither doth the eloquence of man’s mouth utter in speech words in any point answerable unto his majesty. For to the thinkingContinue reading “Concerning the Incomprehensibility of God…”